The trophies which are now presented in SOPREMA premises are creations by the Sculptor and Painter Doïna Kovacs. They artistically symbolize the expertise, professional skills and excellence of SOPREMA’s teams.

35 years



Feeling accomplished is witnessing our desires, dreams, and aspirations that have come true, and appreciating the beauty and courage behind every action leading to improvement.

30 years



Feeling fulfilled is about serenity, balance and development in all aspects. Fulfillment is happiness for oneself, for others, and for society.

25 years



Growth is the ability to bring magnitude and significance; it is about moving forward without skipping a beat.

15 years



Rising is about showing strength and branching out, as 15 years is undoubtedly a pledge of continued dedication toward SOPREMA.

Good retirement

Marc Comtois

Soprema Boucherville

Linda Booth

Soprema Drummondville

Denis Grégoire

Soprema Drummondville

Régean Ménard

Soprema Drummondville

Sylvain Dion

Soprema Drummondville

A huge THANK YOU to you!

A new chapter in your life begins, enjoy every moment of happiness every day.

The whole Soprema team