The trophies which are now presented in SOPREMA premises are creations by the Sculptor and Painter Doïna Kovacs. They artistically symbolize the expertise, professional skills and excellence of SOPREMA’s teams.

40 years

Our Builders


Forty years of service to the company is worthy of being highlighted. You are our pillars, our roots, the people who taught us everything and allowed so many of us to spread our wings. You will leave an indelible mark on SOPREMA’s history, and we are privileged to have had you by our side for so many years.

35 years



Thirty-five years of dedication, excellence, and accomplishment; your passion has taken our team to greater heights.

30 years



Thirty years of improvement, development and fulfilment towards the achievement of our ambitious objectives; thank you for your dedication.

25 years



Twenty-five years towards creating something bigger and greater; your contribution has been consistent and invaluable.

20 years



Progressing for 20 years at SOPREMA demonstrates a deep and sincere commitment to the company you have chosen to advance with in life.

Good retirement

Francois Bonin


Claude Voyer

Soprema (coming in 2023)

A huge THANK YOU to you!

A new chapter in your life begins, enjoy every moment of happiness every day.

The whole Soprema team